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Clothing Labels & Linen Marking Systems

Heat Seal Clothing Labels

Heat Seal Clothing Labels

Newfound Clothing labels represent an efficient and cost effective method of marking residents clothing with their name and facility name / contact details if required. Our labels have a soft finish to eliminate any potential discomfort to the garment wearer and yet possess a very high bond strength that is designed to last the life of the garment.

Our specialised heat seal machines allow for easy application of the labels to your residents clothing. The label bond is achieved in 10 seconds, using a combination of heat, time and pressure which are controlled to predetermined levels by the machine itself.

Labels are available in 5 standard colours: White, Green, Blue, Yellow or Pink.

Sew on labels are also available on request.

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Computer Label Tape

Computer Label Tape

Heat Seal Marking Tape is used to individually identify garments or other articles with names and/or bar codes in industrial uniform / linen plants, nursing homes and other institutional locations where personal clothing requires identification.  Newfound label tapes possess a very high bond strength to ensure labels are not lost in an industrial laundering situation. Our label tape can be supplied pre-printed with a company name, logo or other markings.

Three printing sizes in stock:

  • 82 x 17mm
  • 82 x 25mm
  • 82 x 32mm
  • Other sizes available

Perforated rolls designed to suit most computer label printing systems and hardware.

Labels available in 5 standard colours: white, green, blue, yellow or pink.

Laundry Ink Ribbons

Laundry Ink Ribbons

Range of styles to suit most printer types in common usage.

High quality indelible laundry inks to ensure that labels will not fade or wash out.

Linen Transfers

Linen Transfers

Newfound Linen Transfers are an inexpensive and permanent method of security marking linen for Hospitals, Laundries & Nursing Homes.  This provides a low cost, high speed technique of marking textiles. Particularly suitable for bed or table linen, providing an excellent resistance to high temperature washing / drying

Paper transfers can be supplied either as a single pieces or on a continuous perforated roll.

Any size from 4 x 4mm up to 200 x 150mm

Heat Seal Machines

Heat Sealer

Newfound Heat Seal Machines are ideal for use in nursing homes and hospitals.

The heat seal machine is highly portable and can be easily moved between facilities.

Dimensions 460mm x 220mm x 510mm Weight: 14kg net.

Can be used for:

  • Heat sealing clothing labels.
  • Mending linens.
  • Applying linen transfers.

Mending Patches & Mending Ribbons

Heat Seal Mending

Range of sizes colours and fabrics available to suit hospitality workwear and healthcare requirements.

Super strong adhesives.

Contact us for a complete list of colours and other details

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